Keeping Up With The Seniors

In a society with an ageing population, what can we as youths, do to contribute? Kennice Foo learns more at Youth Corps Singapore’s first Senior-Savvy event. Being in their shoes It’s not something we see every day – Young adults hunched over the cardboard pieces they grasp in their hands, slowly advancing towards the stairs. […]

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Choice or No Choice?

~ By Shermaine Ng, Youth Corps Leader I was privileged to have been a part of the Youth Corps Singapore Learning Journey to Hong Kong in December 2016. With the purpose of exposing Youth Corps Leaders to the service-learning and social service landscape in Hong Kong, a city that, in comparison to ours, is same […]

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Gong Simi? Say What?

The Intergenerational Month of October that promotes understanding between youths and seniors may have ended, but the relationships forged will last a lifetime. Here’s a roundup of some highlights among the events organised and supported by Youth Corps Singapore! A beautiful synergy Youth volunteers and seniors kick-started the month at the “We are Stronger Together” […]

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Jiak Simi? Popiah lah!

It may have been the last event on the Intergenerational Month calendar, but it was my first time volunteering. I’d previously only heard about the Jiak Simi project, initiated by Owen Tan, a Youth Corps Leader. I knew it involved bringing seniors out to eat at common spaces, but everything else was a huge question […]

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