10 Things You Need to Lead in a World of Disruption

The INSPIRIT Fireside chat series is a ground-up initiative providing youths with the opportunity to learn from industry leaders.

In the first series, Mr Tan Chin Hwee, Chief Executive Officer (Asia Pacific) for Trafigura Group shares his personal story of achieving lasting fulfilment and imparts some insights required to lead in a world of disruption.

Here’s the lowdown on the 10 things future leaders need:

1.Be Bi-cultural

A changing social landscape demands a change in the way we lead. Don’t stop at being bilingual, work towards being bi-cultural. The ability to deeply connect, engage and understand other cultures while functioning seamlessly between them is what future leaders are made of.

2. Make Connections

When you are intentional in meeting new people, your world and perspectives will continue to evolve. Don’t stop making these connections. Each one will open a window into a world of learning for you.

3. Never Stop Learning

Education isn’t about the scores on your test papers, nor does it end when you leave the classroom. On the contrary, it starts. Learning how to learn and nurturing a spirit of exploration is what real education is about.

4. Invest in People

The human heart will always be ahead of technology – our hearts that feel compassion, empathy and all the deep complexities of the human experience will always keep us one step ahead. Take time to invest in people and relationships, there really is no replacement to that.

5. Be Disciplined

Discipline is the common denominator amongst the successful. Everyone has the same 24 hours in the day, it’s what you do with them that makes the difference. Create winning habits to ensure peak performance, and have the discipline to stick with them.

6. Battle #FOMO

Don’t let the fear of missing out (that’s #FOMO, for you) paralyse you into a perpetual state of being on the fence. Understand that life is a series of trade-offs. There are multiple pathways that lead to multiple outcomes. Make that informed decision and stick with it.

7. Reflect

Reflection turns experiences into insights. Good or bad, there’s always something to reflect on and grow. You win some, you learn some; As long as you learn, you never lose.

8. Be Humble and Serve

With an astonishing 86 percent winning percentage and numerous championships to their name, the New Zealand All Blacks are the most successful sports team in the professional era  of rugby. How do they do it?

Every member of the team parks their ego at the door, and ‘sweep the shed’, an act of sweeping the locker room after each game to instil the foundation of serving others before yourself. In a winning team, character and discipline triumph over talent.

9. Have an Opinion

We get it, there may have been times when your opinions were discounted based on your age. Don’t let it stop you from having an opinion. If you don’t have one, develop one. A good boss will appreciate informed views that were diligently arrived at.

10. Success doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone

Success is variably defined. As society confronts the exciting age of disruption, it’s crucial that we measure our success in not just economic terms, but also morally and relationally.

Read an excerpt of Mr Tan Chin Hwee’s speech here


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