Youths that Inspire be it Rain or Shine

ycs-3As Youth Corps Singapore turns 1 this June, let’s take a look at some projects that are making waves in our local community!

The “Little Learning Club” is a second semester project spearheaded by the pioneer batch of youth aspirants from Team Washington 1.

To develop confidence among 4 to 6 year old children, this programme was specially designed to get children living in Lakeside interested in the English language.

Shermaine Ng, 18, an aspirant from Team Washington 1 said, “I’m excited to be in the midst of these children who are eager to learn, and are so impressionable. Seeing their smiles, and hearing their laughter motivates me to continue serving the community as they’ll enjoy the fruits of our labour.

ycs-123 May 2015 – Shermaine and Team Washington 1 organised an outing for the children and their families. Despite the torrential rain that hit our shores that day, this did not affect the team’s spirit and morale. While the bonding session did not go according to the original plan due to the wet weather, the team responded spontaneously and managed to pull off the sandwich making task pretty well – The kids totally enjoyed themselves!

ycs-2Shermaine added, “Seeing the feeling of satisfaction of the children eating the sandwiches that they made by themselves reminded me of why I loved working with kids,  and what motivated our Team – Washington 1 – to take on this project even though it rained.

Written by: Lee Ci En (Senior Intern — Youth Corps Singapore, Journey Crafters)


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