National Youth Internship Programme Spotlight

It’s been an exciting 1 ½ months for the National Youth Internship Programme (NYIP) as it piloted with youths from the Uniformed Groups (UGs)! Let’s hear from some participants about their NYIP experience so far!

>> Rachael Yeak

“Being both a Cadet Inspector and Intern at NPCC HQ helps me to see things from both ends and see how one can help the other.”

Rachael Yeak

Rachel (left) when she was the NPCC Flag Bearer at the Ceremonial Flag Party in 2013
Rachael (left) when she was the NPCC Flag Bearer at the Ceremonial Flag Party in 2013

Rachael’s been heavily involved in the restructuring of the professional development framework within the National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) Headquarters Singapore.

Having served as a NPCC Cadet Inspector (CI) for the past two years, her experience as a CI played a pivotal role on how the current framework can be tweaked to benefit other CIs in their personal growth.

Aside from working on the framework, she’s also involved in training NPCC cadets for the upcoming NPCC Annual Parade this month. Her internship so far has taught her to think out of the box and has given her a wider perspective on the way things operate.

>> Nur’Ain Sufiah binte Mohamad Yasin

“It’s a good opportunity to familiarise myself with my UG and experience the actions behind-the-scenes through the NYIP. It also allows me to continue my post-secondary NCC journey with dual responsibilities as intern and Cadet Officer.”

Nur’Ain Sufiah binte Mohamad Yasin

Being the event support for the administrative and logistical preparation at the National Cadet Corps (NCC) Headquarters Singapore, Nur’Ain’s been liaising with the school units on behalf of NCC and arranging for event facilitators.

Nur’Ain also shared that her internship has honed her social skills greatly, having exposed her to a working culture with people beyond her age group and broadened her horizons on the NCC culture.

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